Calgary Plumbing: Simple Tips on Saving Water at Home

Calgary Plumbing: Simple Tips on Saving Water at Home

Water is a precious natural resource and come summer, there is a scarcity of water in most parts of the world. As a responsible individual, you can do your bit to save water and help the environment. Of course, the added perk will be the lower water bills. Here are some simple tips that will help you save water at your home:

  • Make a note of all the ways in which you can cut down excessive use of water. You can start by re-using water for cleaning purposes and watering your lawn.

  • The easiest way to save water is by not keeping the tap running while you shave or brush your teeth. The same holds good when you are washing your hands – turn off the tap when you lather and turn it on again later.

  • A lot of water is unnecessarily wasted when cleaning the dishes. Do them by filling up your sink with soap water and another with fresh water so that your water usage is limited.

  • Clean vegetables by placing them in a pan filled with water instead of washing them under the sink, where you will inevitably end up using more water than necessary.

  • Avoid using your washing machine on a daily basis. It would help you in the long run if you could purchase the latest models that save more than ten gallons of water for each load.

  • Save water in your garden. Don’t water plants incessantly; they can even die due to over-watering. One method you can adopt to conserve water in your garden is to punch holes in your lawn at distances of six inches from each other. This will ensure that when you water your lawn, the water will seep into the roots instead of trickling off the lawn surface. Also, give your pets a bath in areas of the lawn that need to be watered.

  • Don’t use large amounts of water to clean your car. Keep your car covered when not in use to prevent dust from accumulating on it.

  • Check your faucets and pipes for leaks and get them repaired or replaced immediately.

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