Calgary Plumbing: Eight simple questions before selecting a quality plumber

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CalgaryPlumbing: Eight simple questions before selecting a quality plumber

Homeowners ask us how to find a quality plumber, not for themselves (they have us after all), but for friends and relatives in other cities.  Here are eight simple questions homeowners can and should ask when seeking a quality plumber.


Does The Company Hold a Plumbing License? City and provincial  licensing is the minimum requirement to operate a plumbing company.  Licensing protects the public, including you.  Unlicensed plumbers are unaccountable to regulators and often unavailable if things go wrong.

Is The Company Insured? General liability and insurance protects you.  Most companies will be insured, but not all are.  Assume that any company failing to state that it carries insurance in its marketing or website lacks insurance.

Does The Company Have a Website? Similar to a physical address, a website is a sign of legitimacy. Most plumbing companies have a web presence today.

How Long Has The Company Been In Business (Under The Same Name)? One plumbing company in five closes every year.  The best way to predict whether a company will be around long enough to honor its warranties is whether the company has been around in the past.  Most reputable companies state their business tenure.  Beware companies that close due to a poor reputation and reopen with a new name.

Does The Company Have a Physical Address? Fly-by-night plumbers and uninsured moonlighters rarely have a business address.  More stable plumbing companies operate from a shop or office.

What is the Standard Guarantee? Not only does a better guarantee give you longer peace of mind, but better guarantees are offered by better companies.

Does the Company Give the Full Price Before Work Begins? Some companies offer fixed quotes, no matter how long the work takes.  Others charge by the hour and give open-end quotes, which means the work could cost a lot more if the company takes longer than the plumber expects.

Are The Company’s Service Vehicles Clean and Well Maintained? The condition of a company’s service vehicles is an indicator of the way the plumber will take care of your home.

When you hire a plumber, you want honesty, fair pricing, and quality from a company you can trust.  If you have any questions about this, give us a call.  We’d love to help you!

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