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An ENERGY STAR®-approved tankless water heater gives your home the incredible advantage of never running out of hot water—-and it’s the most cost-effective way to heat water to boot.


Here’s how we make sure you have a great experience with us and with your new water heater.

We’ll take the time to learn things like the size of your family and your water usage habits so that we can offer you options that make sense. If you want in-floor heating under tiled floors, let us know – there are several systems that can handle radiant heating and your domestic hot water supply.

You’ll be provided with the full installation cost up front, including “all the extras” like permits, labour, and removal of your old equipment. Our quotes use only fixed prices – there’s no additional hourly rates or hidden costs.

Our quotes are good for 30 days. That gives you plenty of time to ensure you’re making the right decision.

Get up to a $1,000 home improvement rebate from the Government of Alberta with the purchase of a tankless water heater

Tankless water systems take up less space, waste less energy and may even provide hot water faster than conventional systems. Domestic hot water upgrades to ENERGY STAR® tankless systems present a tremendous energy-saving opportunity over older, storage tank systems, especially those equipped with standing pilot lights.

Rebates of up to $1000 are available for the installation of a new ENERGY STAR® tankless hot water heater.

Enjoy Continuous Hot Water With a Tankless Heater

Let’s say you want to wash your hair. That means you have to turn on the water and get into the shower, right? Wrong! It means you have to turn on the water, stand around naked, and wait for the water to heat up before you jump in. Now, on a cold Monday morning, that’s not the best way to start your week. And on an environmental and financial level, you’re wasting water and throwing $$ out the window. Solution? You need a tankless water heater.

No more waiting for hot water. ClearView can provide you with faster hot water wherever and whenever you need it. It does this by recirculating the water through your plumbing system, so hot water is always available in whatever part of the house that you may need it. the best part is, ClearView can provide this solution regardless of your current plumbing configuration.

With a dedicated return line, the integrated pump simply recirculates water from the tankless water heater through the line and back to the heater. If your home does not have a dedicated return line, which many do not, it can be very costly to add one. The good news is, ClearView offers a unique and cost-effective solution for recirculation in homes without a dedicated return line.

If your home does not have a dedicated return line, Rinnai’s SE+ Series featuring ThermaCirc360 technology can offer faster hot water without the expense of adding an additional line. This technology allows for the simple installation of a thermal bypass valve at the fixture farthest away from your water heater. Once installed properly, the unit temporarily uses your cold water line for recirculation. Now you can have hot water faster when you need it.

Rinnai offers the option for you to either set your recirculation schedules according to high-demand times or for you to utilize on-demand recirculation through the use of push buttons and motion sensors. Learn more about these accessories

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With a tankless water heater, you never run out of hot water. Hot water will be supplied to you whenever you need it, instantly! No waiting, no standing around naked. Just delightful hot water, right there, right then.

At ClearView, we’re experts in tankless water heater installations and repairs. We can recommend the exact type of tankless water heater that will suit your family’s needs and have it up and running in a day. Or, if your current tankless water heater needs to be repaired, we can take care of that as well.

As always, all makes all models, all years. Then again, you knew that.

  • Endless hot water. Never get stuck taking a cold shower again, no matter how many family members you have.

  • Save on your energy bills. You can reduce gas usage by up to 70%. The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation did a study in 2011 on energy savings from converting to a tankless model. Even though the homes ended up using more water, they still saved an average of 46% on heating costs. Note that’s an average – some saved much more, even though they used more water.

  • Better reliability. A new water heater is less likely to break down than your old one.
  • Free up space in your basement. Tankless water heaters mount on a wall, allowing you to make use of the 9 – 12 square feet a water heater uses.
  • Advanced safety features. When hot water tanks corrode, often the bottom just falls right off. Tankless water heaters have emergency shut downs that stop the water flowing if something’s not right.


Trust your water heater installation to professional plumbers! Hot water heaters are complicated pieces of equipment. They should only be installed by professional, fully-licensed plumbers, like those at ClearView Plumbing the Calgary water heater installation and repair experts.


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