Rotten Eggs, Sewage, Musty Smells and Other Plumber Problems

We get a lot of phone calls coming from frustrated homeowners that are experiencing some very annoying and stinky problems. Many customers smell sulphur or rotten eggs, strong sewer like smells, or dank, kind of damp smells that come and go based on weather, humidity, or pressure changes. We also have lots of complaints about bad smells during a strong wind.

Different smells at different times can be caused by… you guessed it, different problems. The good news is that, while a gross stench may feel like a big problem, they are usually cured with very simple an inexpensive solutions. Depending on the source of the smell or problem, a permanent solution can be as easy as replacing a worn out pipe or finding a frozen or blocked vent. Other problems are caused by weak ventilation or altering some typical household habits.

If you are experiencing some problems with strange or offensive odours, or any other problems, give your ClearView Calgary Plumber a call today!

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