Calgary Plumbing:Use Low Flow Plumbing to Reduce Your Water Bills

Calgary Plumbing:Use Low Flow Plumbing to Reduce Your Water Bills

The latest low flow designs have become extremely popular in the plumbing world. The major advantage of low flow models is that they save you a lot of water and bring down your utility expenses.

Low flow toilets: If you have had a toilet for years, then chances are that it must have started giving you problems such as leaks and inefficient flushing. What you probably don’t know is that with each flush, your old toilet is wasting several gallons of water. Older toilets are estimated to use more than five gallons of water per flush. If you replace it with the latest low flow model, you can save up to twenty thousands gallons of water every year.

Low flow faucet aerators: The faucets in your home use up to seven gallons of water each minute when they are fully open, most of which ends up being wasted. Low flow aerators, which work on the principle of breaking the water flow into smaller spurts and spraying air into the stream of water, can deal with this problem effectively. They can reduce flow to a gallon per minute in the bathroom and about 2 gallons per minute in the kitchen sink.

Similarly low flow showerheads can save you more than three gallons of water each minute compared to older models.

You can also conserve water by getting leaks in your kitchen and bathroom repaired immediately. Hire the services of an experienced plumber to get the job done properly.


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