Calgary Heating: Rebooting Your Gas Heating System

Computers can be frustrating, but I do like the “reboot” feature.  (No, I’m not talking about kicking the computer—though I’ve thought about it once or twice!). I just like the fact that many computer glitches can be solved by the simple act of turning the computer off, then on again.

But did you know that you can reboot your gas heating system too?  Well, in some cases you can. Many of today’s gas heating systems use electric ignition components that can sometimes lock up like a computer.  So if your gas heating system stops, you may just need a reboot!

Here’s how it works. If your gas heating system stops, try turning the power switches off. Locate the switch on the side of the furnace, and also the red switch at the head of the stairs going down to your basement. Turn both switches off and leave them off for a few minutes. Then turn them back on and see if the burner starts up again to heat up the system.

Rebooting your heating system is simple. And it could save you the kind of frustration that makes you want to kick the furnace!

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