Calgary Heating: How to Properly Maintain Your HVAC System

Of all of the systems within your home, chances are good that your HVAC system is the most expensive, and most used. Your HVAC system keeps your home heated and cooled to a comfortable temperature year round so that you can enjoy your home to the fullest. Maintaining your HVAC system is important to preventing any future problems with the system and to avoiding unwanted costs. Having your HVAC technician perform a semi-annual pre-season check up each spring and fall goes a long way toward taking proper care of your system. And since contractors experience an overflow of work once summer or winter is underway, it is best to call them early in the spring and early in the fall so that you can schedule an inspection without having to wait.

Maintenance Checkup

During the visit, your HVAC specialist should:

  • Check your thermostat settings. This is done to ensure that the heating and cooling system will keep your comfortable while you are at home and save energy for you while you are away. The HVAC specialist can test your thermostat to make sure that it is functioning properly. Consider having a programmable thermostat installed that allows you to control the temperature of your home when you are not home. This is a good way to conserve energy by having the A/C or heat kick on to a more comfortable level an hour before you arrive home.
  • Tighten and check electrical connections. The HVAC tech can measure the voltage of the system and look for faulty electrical components that might reduce the life of your system.
  • Lubricate the system’s moving parts. Parts must be lubricated to avoid friction within the motor. A system that is not lubricated will also use more energy.
  • Inspect the condenser drain. This drain often becomes plugged or clogged and can cause water damage to your home while also affecting your humidity level inside.
  • Check system controls. Checking the system controls ensures that the unit is in safe and proper operational mode. The technician will test to see that the system comes on properly, operates like it should, and then shuts off appropriately.

Seasonal Checkup Specifics

In addition to the maintenance checkup above, specific actions are required for seasonal checkups. During the spring, the HVAC technician can get your system ready for hot weather by cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils to enhance the system’s performance. They will also check and adjust the A/C’s level of refrigerant. The system will not operate at peak efficiency if the refrigerant is too low or if there is too much refrigerant present. And finally, the blower components will be cleaned and adjusted to provide for proper airflow and greater comfort. In the fall, the HVAC technician will check to make sure that all of the connections of your HVAC system are in proper order, and they will test the pressure of the gas (if gas system), burner combustion and heat exchange, depending on the type of system. Improper connections can cause a fire hazard, equipment failure, and decreased efficiency.

What You Can Do To Help

While there is very little that the homeowner can do on their own with the complex HVAC system, inspecting, cleaning or changing the system’s air filters monthly is as important as having the system inspected semi-annually. A dirty filter can cause your system to work harder, be less efficient, and need to be replaced sooner. Replace filters even more often during periods of extreme use, such as when it is extremely hot or terribly cold.

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Written by Kyle Lumsden

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