Calgary Heating: Preventing Premature Failures of Heat Exchangers in Furnaces

Heat Exchangers

Preventing Premature Failures of Heat Exchangers in Furnaces

The function of a heat exchanger in a heating unit is to transmit the heat generated by burning fuel to water or air. The water or air in turn distributes it into the entire house. The heat exchanger is the major component of any heating unit. Its’ premature failure requires major furnace repair work.

The common cause of premature failure of heat exchangers leading to expensive furnace repair jobs is the development of holes and cracks. These holes and cracks leak hot water or the hot air into the home environment thereby reducing effectiveness of the heat exchanger.

Premature heat exchange failure caused by the development of cracks and holes in the heat exchangers is attributed to several factors:

  • Regular heating and cooling of the heat exchanger over the years results in development of cracks
  • Damp environment results in growth of rust which soon leads to holes and cracks. This shortens the life of heat exchangers and is a frequent cause for furnace repair
  • Reduced air flow due to dirty air filters, fan blades, ducts, obstructed air passages, cause additional wear to the motor. This reduces the efficiency of heat exchange

Forced-air heating unit tend to overheat if there is obstruction to free air flow.  Built in safety feature such as auto shutdowns exist for dangerously high over heating, but these may not work in case of moderate overheating. This leads to metal fatigue. This too shortens the life duration of heat exchangers and results in a furnace repair.

The actions which will enhance the life of heat exchangers and prevent their premature failures include the following:

  • Scheduled cleaning and maintenance of the heat exchangers
  • Keeping the environment dry and clean
  • Prevent all obstruction to free air flow

Preventing premature failures of heat exchangers and the consequent furnace repair is quite achievable by simply following some preventive maintenance procedures.

Installing a carbon monoxide detector to detect leaks would go a long way to prevent premature failures of heat exchangers and furnace repair.  Click here for more information on carbon monoxide testing.

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