Calgary Heating: Preventing Heat Loss Through Your Furnace

Preventing Heat Loss through Furnaces

Natural gas furnaces are one of the most common means of heating homes. Ensuring proper functioning of a furnace or any other gas appliance is important for many reasons. You would not only want to cut down your electricity bills but also want to prevent any mishaps and fire hazards that can occur due to improper functioning of the furnace.

It is necessary to keep your furnace in a good condition and ensure that it is properly maintained by hiring services of licensed professional. However, there are a few things that you can do on your own to ensure longer life as well as higher efficiency of your heating system.

You should conduct basic checks of the furnace periodically to see if the filter needs to be changed or cleaned. Inspect the fan belt too to look for wear and tear. You can also shut off the pilot light of the furnace in warm weather to save energy. A gas contractor can help in relighting it when the need arises again.

While using a furnace, preventive measures are the best way to avoid mishaps and to save electricity. You should always keep the area near the furnace clear of other objects, especially inflammable ones. It is also advisable to adjust the thermostat according to your needs, either manually or by using automated thermostats that can adjust themselves according to your settings.

You also need to be careful when you are replacing your heating system. There are many factors like efficiency, filters, warrantees, fan options etc. that need to be taken into consideration while replacing an old furnace. It is always advisable to go for Energy Star qualified furnaces that are proven to be more efficient than other standard models. Products like the Bryant Evolution Series 90i Model Furnace have proved to be quite effective in reducing electricity bills.

If you notice any serious problem with the furnace, you should hire a professional to carry out detailed examination and maintenance. There are many companies that offer expert services for specific problems as well as overall servicing of the furnace.

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