Calgary Plumbing:Preventing Carbon Monoxide Buildup in your Home

Calgary Plumbing:Preventing Carbon Monoxide Buildup in your Home

There are many ways in which you can avoid carbon monoxide buildup at your home as that can prove to be extremely dangerous, and even fatal, if not contained on time:

Any chimneys and vents need to be kept clear of any blockage like snow or bird’s nest etc.

Equipments that are meant to be used outside the house should never be used inside, like BBQs, lawnmowers, lanterns, snowblowers etc, as that can lead to generation of excess carbon monoxide.

At the time of installation, you must ensure that your gas furnace is adequately vented and that heat exchangers do not appear cracked.

If you are making any changes to your house’s ventilation system or adding a new appliance which uses fuel, you must consult your plumbing and heating technician prior to the same.

Your venting systems, chimneys and all fuel-burning equipments must be inspected and maintained at regular intervals.

Before starting the engine of your vehicle, the garage door must be fully opened.

You must keep yourself and your family aware of Carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms in order to promptly diagnose the same and operate the detector correctly.


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