Prevent Hot Water Heater Hazards By Getting Your Relief Valve Tested

Most of us could probably go our entire lives not realizing the potential hazard posed by the hot water heaters in our homes. But a simple malfunction of the heater’s thermostat or temperature pressure safety relief valve could result in an explosion that could destroy your home.

Recently, a building in Wisconsin suffered minor damages when an electric water heater blew up.

Nobody was injured, but the blast caused by a water heater explosion can be disastrous and even deadly. The water in a heater expands and creates pressure that’s kept in check by the safety devices. Without these, the temperature and pressure can build to the point of exploding.

To prevent this, have the temperature pressure safety relief valve tested annually. Also, look for these signs of malfunction: water that spits or sputters out of the faucets, excessive amounts of hot water, or a dripping temperature pressure safety relief valve.

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