Popping and Cracking Bathroom Tiles Mean Trouble

Popping and cracking ceramic tiles are usually the result of some form of water infiltration. If the tiles are popping or started to pop on the wall where the taps and shower head is located, then there is probably a leak in the plumbing.

Tiles are sometimes laid on drywall or water-resistant drywall. However, the best material to lay tiles on is a cement backer board because it provides the rigidity necessary for a long tile lifespan. Once moisture gets in behind the tiles, drywall and even water-resistant drywall will start to break down and sag. This alone can lead to tile movement and cracking.

A good bathroom tile installation should start with demolishing the walls, installing insulation, a vapor barrier on the warm side of the insulation, cement backer board, and finally the tile itself. It is recommended that you ask your plumber to also install a fan that leads to the exterior to control humidity and airflow after a shower.

If your tiles are starting to move and crack, this is a very serious sign and you need to contact a professional plumber immediately. Our plumbers will find the source of moisture and make sure it does not cause more problems in the future.

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