Calgary Plumbing Emergencies: Indoor gas leaks

Calgary Plumbing Emergencies: Indoor gas leaks

The most hazardous of plumbing emergencies is that of an indoor gas leak. Natural gas is extremely flammable, even the tiniest of sparks can set off a huge explosion. Apart from this, breathing the natural gas is also hazardous to health and can lead to death. Since natural gas is odorless by itself, the odor of rotten eggs is added to the gas to alert us in case of a gas leak.

On smelling a gas leak, nearly everyone has the natural tendency to call their gas providers (Atco gas in Calgary). This is not the best solution,  as most providers will not fix the leak in case the problem lies in your piping. They will mostly just confirm if you in fact have a gas leak and give you a vague idea of the location of the leak.

The provider will then shut the gas down and install a device that will disable the gas from being turned on again. You will then need to hire a plumber to fix the leak. The plumber will however need to turn the gas back on to identify the location of the leak.

To avoid landing in this dilemma, instead of calling a provider, the smart thing to do is to immediately turn off the gas. To do this is it essential that you are aware of the location and operation of the gas meter. Every gas meter is equipped with a valve to shut off the gas with just a quarter turn. Nearly all home improvement depots sell emergency tools to shut off the gas. Using a large crescent wrench for the purpose is the recommended tool.

Step by Step

1. Before an emergency situation, learn where your natural gas meter is outside the perimeter of your home.

2. There will be a twist knob located on the vertical pipe. This controls the gas supply. This is where you will need the crescent wrench. The valve is on when the knob is vertical, in line with the pipe.

3. Turing the gas supply off is as easy as turning the knob clock wise 90 degrees. Immediately call ClearView Plumbing & Heating to look after you emergency.

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