Calgary Plumbing: Pipe Bursting – All You Should Know

Calgary Plumbing: Pipe Bursting – All You Should Know

Pipe bursting, a fairly new method of pipe replacement involving a fresh pipe that trails behind a machine that is pushed inside a damaged pipe. The machine bursts the damaged pipe as it moves through it and replaces the burst pipe with a newer one trailing behind it.

In previous times of plumbing, it would have been necessary to dig up the entire length of the faulty pipe. It could be repaired or replaced only after removal of all the dirt. However, that method had several disadvantages compared to new age pipe bursting methods.

Furthermore, the traditional job will entail involvement of heavy machinery and excessive manpower for excavation of pipes. On the other hand, pipe bursting can be carried out quickly, thereby saving on time and can be a cost effective solution.

As the problematic pipe may be located underneath your driveway or beneath your garage, excavation might result in damages to concrete structures and flooring.

Please keep in mind that pipe bursting needs digging too, but comparatively much less. A small spot needs to be dug up for the pipe bursting machine and the trailing new pipe to enter the ground surface.

Another small spot will also need to be dug at the other end from where the machine will come out after placing the new pipe. It is much better to have two small spots dug up in your lawn than having a long trench dug up.

In case of the conventional digging procedure, pipes are normally repaired instead of replacing them completely. This is mainly because of the cost and time involved. However, with pipe bursting procedure, you no longer have to be worried about recurring problems in old pipes.

In addition, any new pipes laid down with this procedure are normally long pipes, meaning that they don’t have any long seams like in case of old tubes. In the absence of seams, the pipes will have a much less chance of leaking and will therefore last longer. Tree roots too will find it difficult to penetrate into such pipes.

The new pipe will also be comparatively more efficient as it will not have all the build-up blocking the smooth flow of the plumbing system, as in the case of the old pipes.

To conclude, if you are experiencing problems with the drains or pipes in your home, pipe bursting is the way to go. Please feel free to call us at ClearView Plumbing & Heating for all your drain solutions.
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