Calgary Heating:Periodic Inspection and Troubleshooting Can Save you Heating System Repair Costs


Calgary Heating:Periodic Inspection and Troubleshooting Can Save you Heating System Repair Costs

Once you’ve carried out all precautionary steps and inspected your heating system carefully, you must start the gas furnace heating unit. The idea here is to prevent heating system repair by carrying out certain initial start-up steps on a day when you might not require the heating unit. This will provide you with ample time to look into any possible issue. Some important things you must pay attention to at this point are:

  1. Turn the thermostat to heating point

  2. Now set the temperature to a level higher than the present temperature in the premises

  3. Pay attention and hear the furnace start in a matter of 30 seconds – 3 minutes

Please keep in mind that if you’re starting your heating equipment after a considerable span of time, you will hear crackling sounds emanating from the unit and the duct expansion and contraction. It might also produce a foul odor for the initial few hours. None of these indications imply that you need heating system repair.

What in case the furnace doesn’t start at all?

In case your unit doesn’t start at all, you must refer to the heating furnace manual and try some troubleshooting steps applicable to your specific model.  You can even give us a call and we’ll be happy to carry out any type of heating system repair for you.

Most importantly, before going in for any kind of heating system repair job, if you ever smell natural gas in your premises, open up all windows of the home and vacate the premises immediately. Avoid turning off or on any electrical equipments and dial 911 and your local utility company as soon as you can.

To learn more about heating system repair related issues and precautions, visit our website’s heating section.


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