The New Home Buyer’s Plumbing Checklist

Make sure the plumbing is in good condition before buying a home


After all of the research, driving around, inspecting, and bargaining, you are finally ready to close on your first home. It’s an exciting time in life, isn’t it? Before you sign on that line, though, there are a few things you should keep in mind about the plumbing. Once you sign, that home is yours. The plumbing problems will be included in that too!


We’ve put together a new home buyer’s plumbing checklist to help you get the home of your dreams without the plumbing of your nightmares.


#1) Check the age of the boiler


The boiler or hot water heater is what will provide warm water for showering, cleaning, and washing dishes. Most newer models last between 15-20 years if serviced regularly, so getting a ballpark estimate on how long you have left is a good idea. If the one in the home is old, ask to get it replaced before buying. Your home buyer’s plumbing checklist needs to start at the source of your water.


#2) Check for discoloration


Discoloration is a sign of leaks and damage. Brown spots are sure-fire signs that there is something wrong. Check around all major plumbing fixtures, around the toilets, on the ceilings, and on the floors in the kitchen and washroom.


#3) Check the fixtures


There is nothing wrong with running some of the fixtures just to get a feel for how they are working. Flush the toilets, run the shower quickly, and check the sinks. Listen for any noise like banging pipes. If you detect clogs now, you’ll be happy later.


#4) Check the pipes


The pipes are the arteries and veins that bring the water to you, so you need to give them a quick look. Check for corrosion, check for leaks, and just give them the eye test to see if they look sturdy. If not, then make sure to bring it up.


We know how badly you want to close on your new home, but you need to get down to business first. Use this new home buyer’s plumbing checklist as a guide to getting the right house with a good system. A plumbing inspection from ClearView Plumbing is the best way to ensure that you get a home with a healthy plumbing system.

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