Get Rid of Oil and Frying Grease with CobZorb

It is never easy to dispose off grease from fried meat. If you pour it down the drain, it will clog the pipes and cause damage to the plumbing. The used oil is also harmful for the environment, in a manner similar to petroleum spills. A simple, effective and environment friendly way of disposing off oil and frying grease is by using CobZorb Cooking Oil Absorbent. It is a grainy, corn by product that can absorb the oil or grease very effectively.

It is also really simple to use CorbZorb. Wait for the pan to cool down and turn off the cooking gas. Pour a sufficient quantity of CobZorb into the pan containing used cooking oil or grease. CobZorb will immediately agglutinate the all the oil/grease. After all the oil has been absorbed, you can trash the resultant fatty substance into the bin. You are left with a grease free pan that can be cleaned easily.

CobZorb is non toxic and safe to use in homes. It is also pretty versatile – you can use it to absorb any spilled liquid that your mop is not able to clean up completely. All you have to do is pour CorbZorb on the spilled liquid and discard the coagulated mass into the garbage. Three pounds of CorbZorb costs just about $11.99 and can be used to dispose off large quantities of grease from frying jobs.

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