Is Your Home Humid Enough?

In winter-dry climates, decreased humidity can cause dry and itchy skin, ear aches, sore throats, stuffy noses, or may worsen allergies. A humidifier is a necessary household fixture because it can add moisture to the dry indoor air. By running humidifiers during the cold months, you combat the dryness the heating system and low temperatures create.

Tips for using humidifiers and vaporizers:

• Place the humidifier in a central area of the house, not in a bedroom
• Place the unit on the floor, not on furniture (as it may damage furniture)
• Direct the steam/mist to an open area of the room, preferably at least 1 meter away from people
• It is best to use deionized, demineralized or distilled water in a humidifier and tap water in a vaporizer
• Change the water in the humidifier tank daily and do not allow scales to form
• Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning/disinfecting recommendations.

To prevent humidifiers from introducing problems into a house, users need to empty them every other day and refill tanks with fresh water. If a humidifier is not cleaned regularly, bacteria and mold can grow inside the device and may be released in the mist. This may worsen allergies and cause coughing, difficulty breathing, headache, problems sleeping and eye irritation. It is a good idea to buy a humidity monitor (hygrometer) along with a humidifier to make sure the humidity in the house does not go higher than 30-40%.

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