Calgary Plumbing:Is He A Plumbing Professional or an Impostor?

Calgary Plumbing:Is He A Plumbing Professional or an Impostor?

Identifying a Plumbing Professional

The very first look as soon as you open the door can tell you a lot. If his clothes are dirty, it will usually be his pants. His uniform shirt on the other hand will be clean.

  • He should look clean-cut. His face and hands should also be clean.
  • Take a look at his truck. It should be spotless and well maintained. A real plumbing professional will make sure that he comes off as a professional. After all you cannot entrust someone with the responsibility of your home if they don’t appear to be able to take good care of themselves.
  • Notice the way he talks about your plumbing problems. Discuss a small problem with him to check is he has enough knowledge and is capable of solving it.
  • Ask him to solve a little problem that you have and observe him. Notice the way he approaches it, the organization of his work, his etiquette, etc.
  • Is he keeping his workstation clean? Is he doing a neat job? Is he showing you and your house respect? Is he making a fuss about you watching him while he works? – If any of these are answered with a no, he is probably not the one you want to hire.
  • You want to make sure that you are entirely comfortable with the plumber before hiring him as you want to stick with one plumber for a long time.

Although unbelievable, many plumbers will fail these tests. When it comes to your plumbing, you want to hand over the responsibility only to a true professional. And when it comes to money, they will all charge the same. An impostor will charge just as much a professional because he thinks he is one. So don’t compromise on the quality of the work for the sake of money.

Finding a truly professional plumber

The task of finding a truly professional plumber is not as hard as you think.

  • Use the internet to do research. Look for companies in your area and have a look at reviews about the company.
  • Avoid companies that have reviews like “he solved the problem in just 15 minutes and charged only $50”. These are good only if you need in and out technicians (read the previous article)
  • The keywords that you should look out for in the review should be on the lines of – “He found”, “he could fix” or “he thoroughly”. These will show you companies that focus on teaching the plumbers to find long term thorough solutions.
  • When you call the company, schedule a service visit right away. NEVER ask them about their rates. If the company is advertising free estimates, they will not offer a quote over the phone. You do not want a free estimate, you want to find the best plumber to do your job for you.
  • To obtain the best value for money with your plumber: to schedule a service visit, let them know what your problem is and the urgency of the problem. Explain clearly what is wrong and tell them you’re looking for a long term solution.
  • If you’ve had bad experiences with plumbers earlier, you may share it with them. There is no need to bad mouth the other plumber, just make sure you will only settle for the best. The company should see this as a good opportunity and send you one of the best plumbers.

Dealing with the plumber

Firstly, follow the above steps and determine if the plumber is a professional. If you don’t have a small problem to ask him to fix, collect estimates.

It is always recommended to get the plumber to fix something small, during which you can notice if your relationship with this plumber will be useful forever. If you don’t have any such problem, make sure you get more than one estimate before you decide on your plumber. This is not only to ensure you are not being swindled out of your money but also to make sure the plumber is a professional. As mentioned earlier, do NOT compromise on the quality of work for the sake of expenses because professional work will keep your plumbing structures problem-free for a long time.

Ask the plumber to get started on a small job if there is one. Be prepared to face the ‘bump’. The bump is additional fixing that the plumber will offer to do for an extra charge. There is no harm in him doing the work, it may improve the quality of your structure. It is always better to make use of additional benefits as long the work is truly beneficial. The following are tips which will help you tackle the bump.

  • Trust your instincts. If they are telling to give it a day of thought, tell the plumber you will think over it and let him know.
  • Does it need to be done that very day? Ask your plumber. Most things don’t need to the be the same day – this will help you know if he is being honest.
  • Ensure that you are aware completely of what the plumber wants to do and how it benefits you.
  • Weigh the benefits against the cost. Is it worth getting done?
  • Is this the right plumber to do the job? If you know someone better, hire them.

At the end of it, money plays a big role when it comes to choosing a plumber. It is necessary to find a plumber who will work within your budget. But never go for a plumber because he charges the least, it could land you in trouble in the future. It is better to spend more in the beginning and have lesser problems than to spend little but more number of times, it will work out more expensive eventually.


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