Calgary Plumbing: Important Swimming Pool Safety Measures – Save Your Kids from Accidents

Calgary Plumbing: Important Swimming Pool Safety Measures – Save Your Kids from Accidents

With the onset of the summer season, it is common for children all across Canada to head to the swimming pools for relief, relaxation, recreation and enjoyment as well. However, if we go by the statistics, drowning in swimming pools is one of the most common reasons of deaths among children under 5 years of age in Canada. Every year thousands or children either get injured or killed in swimming pool related accidents.

There are some important measures that we as parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts or caretakers can take in order to minimize the risk of any such tragic event in our homes. Some of these measures are:

Use of Properly Secured Drain Covers – Despite them being the last thing we worry about when the children are in the swimming pool, the statistics reveal that drains are a great threat and are one of the major causes of submersion accidents among children.

Well secured and properly installed drain covers along with safety vacuum release system can avert death or serious injuries in the event that a child gets trapped by the drain suction.

Proper Barriers in Pools – It is important to have all precautionary measures in place as children can anytime go near the pool without your knowledge. There are various types of safety equipments that can be employed to minimize the chances of pool related injuries in children.

One of the most effective ones among them is the placement of a barrier around the periphery of the entire swimming pool. The best types of barriers are made of sturdy material, are at least 4 feet in height and properly encircle the water body.

Other important steps that can be taken to restrict children’s access to swimming pools is installation of alarms, locks on gates and placement of a heavy duty cover over the swimming pool.

Supervision by Adults – Last but not the least, as elders, we must keep in mind that small children are highly prone to injuries and an accident takes no more than a few seconds to happen. We must always keep a vigilant eye on them when they are in or around the swimming pools.

It is quite common for parents to get distracted by a pet, ringing phone or another child while enjoying a poolside afternoon with their children. Please remember that a few seconds of distraction and taking your eyes off the child for a moment can result in him/her getting drowned.

By taking the above mentioned measures and regularly getting the swimming pool examined by an experienced plumber, you can minimize the risks of swimming pool related accidents/deaths among small children.

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