Calgary Heating: Implement These Easy Changes to Beat the Heat This Summer

Calgary Heating: Implement These Easy Changes to Beat the Heat This Summer

When the temperatures soar, you feel helpless against the terrible heat. But there are simple ways to deal with the heat and keep your summer experience pleasant. All you have to do is to implement some simple solutions and you can you keep yourself sweat free.

For starters, make sure that your home is insulated well, as this will keep the heat out and make the surrounding air cooler. Keep doors and windows open during the late evening and in the night. Avoid keeping them open in the afternoons.

Summer is also a good time to notch up the cooling of your air-conditioner by getting it tuned to a higher cooling capacity. It is important that you clean the filters in your air conditioning system, as they get filled with dust and grime faster during summers.

If you do not have a ceiling fan, get one installed – it will provide a continuous flow of cool air. You can install fans in the room situated on the top floors of your house as these rooms will absorb more heat and become hot faster. Turn your bathroom fans on when you are having hot water showers to keep the atmosphere cool.

Remember to switch off your monitor, television or printer when they are not in use as they generate heat. Similarly, switch off the lights in the room that no one is using- you will save on your electricity bills and also prevent heat from being dissipated into the surroundings.

Try to cook with your grill and oven as much as possible. When you are cooking indoors, use your kitchen stove hood to direct all heat generated during cooking outside and switch on the exhaust fan to throw the hot air out.

Lastly, keep yourself cool and hydrated by drinking water and fresh fruit juices throughout the day.


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