How to Unclog a Bathroom Drain

The bathroom sink is the most common place for a clog to occur in a home. Unlike kitchen sinks, which are usually clogged by food bits, bathroom sinks tend to be clogged up by a tangle of dirt and hairs, making them a difficult job for the do-it-yourselfers.

To unclog a sink, you will require the following tools:
– Sink plunger (just like the toilet plunger, only shrunken to fit over the sink drain)
– Old rag
– Drain snake (a hand crank and cable is available at most hardware stores). The drain snake should only be used by individuals who have a certain level of plumbing knowledge and experience.

Drain unclogging DIY Procedure:

1. Before you start pushing on the plunger, plug the overflow drain (that peephole in the actual sink, often just under the faucet) with the rag. This closes the circuit and creates suction.
2. Pump the sink plunger several times to try and get the water pressure to force through and break the clog.
3. If the plunger doesn’t work, try the drain snake. Snake it down the drain opening and then turn the crank. Remember that using a drain snake requires skill and can cause more harm if not used correctly. Those who live in apartments should be extra careful when using a snake drain because apartment complexes often have shared drains with neighbors that flow into the same pipe. If the snake drain is handled incorrectly, it is possible for it to go through to the sink on the other side of the wall.
4. If the drain remains unclogged, you should call a plumber.

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