Calgary Plumbing: How to Tackle Frozen Pipes

Calgary Plumbing: How to Tackle Frozen Pipes

In Canada, we are not unaccustomed to below freezing point temperatures for some months in a year. We receive many calls in the  winter season that are primarily about no water in kitchen and/or bathroom sinks due to frozen pipes. Usually in such cases all faucets are working fine and the customers wonder if there is some easy way to unthaw the pipes without tearing up the wall.

Please note, there is no simple solution or easy fix for frozen pipes. What needs to be done in such cases is that pipe(s) need to be heated well from both sides of the wall. You may also have to tent the wall from outside if required. What is worrisome is that if the pipe is frozen, it may also be cracked in all likelihood. Hence, after defrosting, you might be left with a broken and heavily leaking pipe inside the wall.

This scenario demands that you call an experienced and professional plumber who will be able to carefully open the wall from either side, locate the frozen area of the pipe, defrost it, repair the crack and then test it well.

Once the pipe is repaired and tested, the plumber will have to insulate the pipe and wall cavity to prevent any future freezing, followed by patching up the wall. Please note, if not insulated properly, the problem will certainly relapse. This is all the more possible in case of all uninsulated exterior wall cavities through which pipes are running. Thus, plan ahead now and guard your home against any such frozen pipes this winter.

We at ClearView Plumbing & Heating have a team of expert plumbers who can shield your home from any such occurrences in future.


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