Calgary Heating: How to Save on Your Heating Bills – Part 3

Calgary Heating: How to Save on Your Heating Bills – Part 3

So far you’ve learnt about how insulating, minimizing wastage, and improving the efficiency of your heating system can help you save on your heating bills. In this last part of the series, we’ll discuss how tapping into the sun’s heat and using some unconventional methods can help reduce your heating needs.

Allow Sunlight to Come in

One of the best ways of keeping your house warm is to allow sunshine into your house. Maximum sunlight will come from the south facing windows. Keep these windows clean so that they do not obstruct the sun. Trim the evergreens on the south side of your house to remove these natural obstructions to sunlight. However, you should make it a routine to close the curtains at night so that the windows do not let the heat, which was captured during the day, escape in the night.

Staying Fit and Active

An effective way of maintaining your internal body heat even in cold weather is by staying fit and active. It is believed that your body can create its own warmth more efficiently than by any other means. Take to healthy habits like going for a walk or a jog. Go out and participate in winter sports that will not only give you some great moments but will also reduce your need to keep the house warm all the time.

You can start regular workouts at the gym to stay fit. You should also increase your protein intake through food items like fish, meat, nuts etc. as these help you create more body heat.

Heat from the Kitchen

Kitchen itself can be a major source of heat. When you bake or roast food items like rolls, cakes, chicken etc, your cooking appliances generate heat that keeps you warm. So the winter season is a great time to cook all those things that you avoided in the summers at the thought of the heat in the kitchen.

Warmth from Your Family and Friends

Last but not the least, you could use cold winter evenings as family get-togethers and share some warmth with your family, watching movies in a cozy space with coffee and snacks.

It is a scientifically proven fact that humans give out around 500 Btu’s of energy every hour. So by inviting people over and having some fun time with friends, you will also reduce your artificial heating needs.

Follow these tips, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much you would end up saving on your heating costs.

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