How to go Eco-Friendly in the Bathroom: and Save Money Doing It!

Modern homeowners need to find a balance between taking advantage of the amenities that modern life affords them and protecting the environment while doing so. Going green is the trend these days, and it’s possible to do it and save money at the same time. Since the bathroom is the place where you use most of your water, let’s look at how to go eco-friendly in the bathroom and help out the environment.

Switch to low-flow fixtures

Low-flow fixtures are tools that control the flow of water. Installing them in your shower, sink, and other areas will help you save water and save money. You might have to pay up-font costs, but these fixtures will save you more money over time. Not only that, but the government may incentivize your purchase. Cutting back on water used is a great first step.

Use motion sensor lights

Using motion sensor lights is a great way to only use power in the bathroom when necessary. Installing sensors that can detect your entrance and shine a light on just the area that you are using is a great way to cut back on electricity bills. Buildings around Europe have already gone that route, and more and more are being seen across Canada and the USA. They can cut down electricity waste by 30%!

Avoid electronic devices if possible

We all want that electric razor, toothbrush or hair dryer, but if possible try to avoid using them. The mechanical methods work just as well. If you do have to use an electronic device in there, make sure you charge it and then remove the plug from the socket. Don’t waste or go overboard for no reason, or leave it sitting in the charger. This is wasting energy and your money.

The bathroom is where a majority of water gets used in your home, so it’s going to be a significant source of waste. There are plenty of ways for you to go eco-friendly in the bathroom: you just need to conserve water and electricity in your day-to-day life. At ClearView Plumbing we’ve been in business long enough to know what saves money and what doesn’t. Contact us for more help on how you can save money around the house.

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