Home Energy Myths Debunked: learn the truth and save money!

The great thing about the internet is that there is a ton of information out there for people looking to lower their energy bills and learn about their home HVAC system. The bad news is that there’s also a lot of bad information out there that can lead you astray. We want to debunk some major home energy myths and help our clients save some money.

Myth: Closing vents saves money on heating and air conditioning

This might make sense on the surface. Closing the vents leading into a room will reduce the airflow and therefore reduce the total expenses for your HVAC system. Right? WRONG! This myth is not only widespread, it is widely used and costing people lots of money around the world.

Truth: the truth is that modern energy systems are calibrated with balance in mind. That means they function best when the energy load is balanced throughout the house. Closing off the vent will change the way system breathes, and in turn make the system work harder to provide the same level of comfort. The harder it works the more energy it uses.

Myth: HVAC efficiency is only about the products that you buy

Most people think that the efficiency of their HVAC system is only about the brand of appliance that they buy. They think that if they get the latest energy-efficient model or if they buy something and just have it maintained once a year that it will automatically run efficiently. Sadly, that is false.

Truth: the truth is that a lot more than just buying the right models or getting a tune up here and there goes into efficiency. You need to keep track of your thermostat, and ensure that your usage makes sense for your home. Also, did you know that 20% of home energy is lost due to openings in the home? You could lose a lot of efficiency through your windows, under your doors, or through holes in the ducts if you aren’t careful.

Myth: The AC is low on coolant because it uses it as fuel

Many people think that air conditioners use coolant like cars use gas, and that it consumes the liquid consistently to keep air cool. In fact, the processes are very different. If you are constantly in need of coolant, then there is a bigger problem.

Truth: the truth is that your AC shouldn’t constantly need fill ups if you have the right level of coolant put in. If you are continually low on it, it is more than likely do to a leak or another issue inside of the unit. This is costing you a lot of money over time. Get a professional heating and cooling expert to take a look at it.


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