Calgary Heating and Airconditioning: Kyle’s Interview Published in Mechanical Business

Calgary Heating and Air-conditioning: Kyle’s Interview Published in Mechanical Business

President Kyle Lumsden was recently interviewed by Mechanical Business and was featured on the cover page. It was a candid Q&A session with a focus on Kyle’s personal interests and views. He spoke about his early days in the business (it’s been twenty years since he first started) when he would travel at least three hours a day with his best companions – audio books.

Kyle said that he loved interacting with people and solving their technical issues – a perfect combination for the job he is so passionate about. He also briefly talked about the level of service provided by Clearview. He also mentioned how all Clearview service vehicles come with custom shelves and several hundred parts. He said that all customers are treated equally and get similar levels of service.

Recounting one of his fondest memories on the job, he narrated the incident where Clearview helped out a single mother and her kids with a broken heat exchanger in winter. With some help from the city of Calgary and the supplier, Clearview supplied a free furnace to the woman, who could not afford to buy a new one. He said that this was what was important to him and to the company.

Kyle also told Mechanical Business about Clearview’s charity program, which awards one charity $1000 through a draw held every month. He said he wished that they could write out a check to all the charities and help them out with all the money they need.

On a lighter note, he spoke about his favorite food (lots of steak!), movie (The Hurt Locker), sports (bike racing and weight lifting) and favorite business websites. The hard core Metallica fan also said that the one place in the world that he would most like to visit is China and the one person that he would like to meet is Lance Armstrong. He signed off with a few words of motivation for all – “make everyday your absolute best”.

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