Calgary Plumbing: Hi-Tech Engineering in Toilets to Reduce Water Usage

Calgary Plumbing: Hi-Tech Engineering in Toilets to Reduce Water Usage

When the government decided to bring in a policy in 1995, limiting the amount of water used in toilet flushes, it took the skill and expertise of many leading engineering gurus to come up with solutions, which would keep the government happy and houses from not stinking owing to improper flush function.

Strange as it sounds, it did take considerable engineering skill to develop a flush that would effectively flush, and would still be in line with the government’s water conservation policy. Many manufacturers jumped the gun when the law was passed and palmed off the regular flushes with some tweaks and adjustments to use only the stipulated 1.6 gallons of water. Water conservationists were ecstatic and so were the government officials who considered this a job well done.

The home owners and residents, who were the actual users, would however beg to differ because the products simply did not do the job. In fact, the redesigned flushes failed dismally and literally caused a stink. It took many more hours of research and engineering to get the product right.

Today, there are toilet flush manufacturers who employ PhDs and aerospace engineers in their design departments. But the results are there for everyone to see and the flushing solutions seem to be working. So, if your home sports a neat, compact, water conserving flush, you may just have a top notch engineer to thank for it.

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