Calgary Heating: Hidden Flue Boilers Can be Hidden Killers

Calgary Heating: Hidden Flue Boilers Can be Hidden Killers

Calgary Heating: Hidden Flue Boilers Can be Hidden Killers

The death of a young dance teacher in West London sent shock waves across the nation in February 2008. The death was a tragic and wholly unexpected occurrence no doubt. But what made it even more horrifying is that the young woman died within the ‘safety’ of her own home.

Investigations revealed that the dance teacher died from inhaling poisonous carbon monoxide gas, a silent killer in her home. The gas was traced to the concealed flue boiler system that had been installed in the home.

In 2007, another resident had died from carbon monoxide poisoning in a home which used a similar boiler system. It was only after the 2008 tragedy that this earlier one was viewed in a different light – as having been caused by faulty evacuation of dangerous gases from the boiler. Surprisingly, both homes had all the necessary gas safety certificates.

Concealed flue boilers can become killing machines if they are not installed properly or in the right places. Gas fired central heating devices such as these can be producing dangerous levels of carbon monoxide (CO) if they are not functioning properly. If the flue which carries this deadly gas out of the house has breaks or gaps, then the CO can escape into the ceiling and enclosed spaces where it is ‘concealed’ from view. You can imagine how easily the same gas can permeate into your living spaces through gaps or openings in the ceiling or enclosure.

Because these flues are concealed, it is virtually impossible to gain access to these areas on a regular basis for periodic checks by qualified professionals. Although warnings have been issued and many builders using this system have run checks and installed CO leak detectors, the fact remains that the concealed flue boilers have cost two lives recently and may still be endangering lives of many others. If your home has a concealed flue boiler system, you should run a thorough check on it immediately. It could save your life.

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