Calgary Heating: Heat Equipment Repair Procedures – How to maintain and clean the filter

Calgary Heating: Heat Equipment Repair Procedures – How to maintain and clean the filter

Filter cleaning and maintenance is an integral part of any heat equipment repair process. There are three different kinds of filters that are used in heating units. They are permanent air screen type filters, pleated fabric filters and disposable filters.

Although we suggest that you contact us or any reliable heat equipment repair technician to carry out this job, there are certain simple steps that you can follow to maintain and clean the filter on your own. To begin with, turn off the heating unit and follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Look out for the panel that covers the blower. In most of the heating systems, this panel would be marked as filter. To remove this filter, you will have to either unscrew it or lift it off the hooks.

2. Most of the filters are normally located besides the motor. Slide the filter out slowly and go through the information written on the edge to understand the type of filter it is. Usually, cleaning and maintenance directions or also mentioned at the same spot. In case the filter is disposable kind, note down its exact size specified on the edge of the frame.

3. Buy a replacement filter based on the specifications of the original one.

4. Slide the replacement filter properly into place by following the directions of arrows that are marked on the sides.

5. Since the heating unit has already been opened, it makes sense to vacuum clean the surrounding areas around the blower. For an intensive cleaning job, you must take out the fan and thoroughly clean each blade individually (we strongly recommend a heat equipment repair technician for this job).

6. The blower motor should ideally have oil ports near the shaft. You must carefully remove the cover plate and put a few drops of oil (non-detergent type) into the ports. Most of the new-age motors do not require such lubrication. However, in case of motors having such oil ports, they must be lubricated every year.

In case you feel that you’re not comfortable with the whole procedure, you can take help of the qualified heat equipment repair technicians available with us. Visit us at to learn more about our services.



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