Calgary Plumbing: Why Government Stepped in to Regulate Toilet Habits

Calgary Plumbing: Why Government Stepped in to Regulate Toilet Habits

Calgary Plumbing: Why Government Stepped in to Regulate Toilet Habits

It may sound strange, but it’s true. The issue at hand was the amount of water used by conventional flushes in residential toilets. Hardly a matter of concern for a government, you think? Well, the policy makers deemed it was time to end wasteful water usage in toilets and hence the intervention.

The government passed an order through the National Energy Policy Act in 1995 wherein a 1.6 gallon limit was set for toilet flushes rather than the 3.5 gallon flushes, which were commonplace back then. The policy changed a lot of things, many of them for the worse. Manufacturers were suddenly pressured into making available the alternatives to the existing 3.5 gallon flushes, which would function just as effectively.

Naturally, glitches were bound to crop up and they did. By the time manufacturers came up with a viable, efficient and workable flushing solution that met government specifications, a significant sum of money, time and effort had literally gone down the drain. After a lot of research, consultations and design tests with trial versions, manufacturers did finally come up with 1.6 gallon flushes.

Whether the government’s predilection to interfere in these issues actually results in any kind of benefit- monetary or ecological, remains a matter of opinion. It is evident, though, that the average person has definitely been caught at the wrong side of the fence again. He had to incur the expenses of replacing his toilet flush, and probably also had to indirectly pay a share of the costs of the effort that went into developing these new products.

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