Clearview Plumbing FAQ

Q: Are you saying that you are the only plumbing company in the area that can uphold your high standards?

A: No. Most companies don’t uphold them‚ but there are also lots of good‚ honest plumbers in the Calgary area. I am just saying that I wanted to help customers know what I know – so they can choose a good plumber and avoid the nightmares that can come with hiring the wrong person for the job.

Q: Can’t a plumber just “fake” high standards?

A: I guess they could‚ but it’s not likely. If someone is going to meet these standards‚ they probably are pretty good at what they do. If they aren’t a great plumber‚ it’s too much work to fake these standards. It’s a lot easier for them to just move on to their next unsuspecting victim.

Q: What if an plumber says they can do all these things‚ but can’t show the proof?

A: It’s best to not settle for lip service. It’s up to you‚ if you want to take a chance‚ but I’m trying to help people avoid problems. Insurance should be current. Certification is a must. It’s best to demand to see their qualifications in writing beforehand so you’re not caught with a nightmare situation.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: No reputable plumber diagnoses or gives a promised price over the phone. Unfortunately‚ some plumbers will offer a low price over the phone‚ only to add additional charges after they complete the repair. A true professional will always inspect the plumbing issue before giving you a written quote.

Q: Are there any other things I should look for/watch out for that aren’t listed in the pages of this guide?

A: Look for some of these telltale signs of plumbers who shouldn’t be trusted with your job:

  • People don’t answer the phone when you call
  • Plumber doesn’t return calls in a timely manner
  • Trucks without signage on them
  • Trucks don’t carry parts (they’re always going to the store and billing you for their “shopping time”)
  • No business cards or cheap/homemade business cards
  • No website or ad in the Yellow Pages
  • Plumbers don’t wear uniform
  • Few testimonials or accolades
  • Prices that are unusually low compared to other bids
  • Unwillingness to give any information without being asked first

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Q: What should I do if I am not sure if a plumber is trustworthy or not.

A: Call us and we’ll give you an honest evaluation. We know a lot of the plumbers in the area‚ and if we don’t know them‚ we’ll just tell you. But we’ve been around long enough to know all of the major players in this marketplace‚ and we’ll give you an honest assessment if you like.

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