Calgary Heating: Fire Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

Calgary Heating: Fire Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

The Calgary fire department will be performing a dorm room on fire presentation at SAIT campus this fall. It is in an effort to educate students about the importance of taking precautions ahead of time to ensure that a fire does not occur. They will also be talking about what can be done to minimize damage and death if a fire does happen to occur.

According to a report from the Gauntlet “McAsey said that a high number of all college student deaths are caused by fire, a reason that the event is targeting those that might have fire safety as the last things on their mind.” This is a rather worrisome statement; however, it is good to see that the fire department recognizes this occurrence and is willing to do something by targeting students for fire safety education.

A few tips from the fire department regarding fire safety:

  • Ensure that there is a smoke detector on each floor and that it works.
  • Get a furnace repair immediately if there is an issue with it.
  • There should be multiple exits to the outside on each floor. Do not bar windows that could act as escape routes.
  • Plan an escape route from the house so that you know where to go if a fire breaks out.

Even though these tips may seem to be common sense, there are plenty of houses that do not abide by these pieces of information. Ensure that you take these tips to heart, and check out the Calgary fire department event if you can. It could save your life.

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