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Everyone has come into contact with a plumber at one time or another. Sometimes, it’s a positive experience, like when the plumber arrives to install the new Jacuzzi bathtub or the new heated toilet you have ordered as a part of your remodeling package. More times than not, however, calling a plumber means that something has gone horribly wrong. Because of their uniquely ubiquitous role in modern life, plumbers have been the source of jokes, anecdotes, and just about every other kind of story or tale one can imagine.

As evidence of their wide-reaching impact, there is a list of famous plumbing quotes. While Woody Allen seems to lament the fact that he can never find a plumber on Sunday, plumbers can take pride in the fact that Albert Einstein was envious enough of them that he would have preferred to be one. Celebrities are people, too, and all people need a plumber at some point in time.

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