Everything You Need to Know About Root Repair

If multiple drains in your home are backed up at the same time, you may have a problem with tree roots invading your sewer line. Chopping down your tree may seem like the only solution to this problem, but there are ways to prevent roots from destroying your plumbing system without risking your tree’s life. Root repair is a professional plumbing service that fixes sewer backups and salvages your tree. Here is everything you need to know about root damage and what you can do to fix it.

The Stages of Root Damage

Tree roots attack your plumbing system slowly over time as they expand. There are three basic stages of roots damage:

First, the roots find an opening in a joint of a sewer line and start growing through the sewer line. It can be difficult to tell that there’s a problem during this early stage.

Next, the roots become nourished by the moisture in the sewer line and begin to expand. During this stage, solid waste such as toilet paper may begin to get stuck in the roots.

Finally, if root growth continues to develop, the sewer line will lose its stability and crack under the pressure of the soil above it.

Protect Your Sewer Line with Root Repair

At Clear View Plumbing, our professional technicians offer root repair services to fix your sewer line without damaging your tree. We begin our root repair service by placing a video camera down your sewer line to capture images of the problem so we can have a precise idea of what the issue is. Once we have this information, our expert technicians clear the root blockage using different techniques depending on the severity of the damage. Finally, we seal and protect your sewer line to prevent any future root damage.

Sewer line backups can be a messy and unpleasant experience. Clear any root blockages in your sewer line with the friendly and professional technicians at Clear View Plumbing. For fast, efficient and courteous service, contact us at Clear View Plumbing today.



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