Calgary Plumbing: Make Sure You Know Where Your Emergency Shutoff Valves are Located

Emergency shutoff valves are our best tools in the prevention of home plumbing disaster, damage, and harm in our homes. So long before an emergency hits, you need to ensure your valves will perform in a crisis.

Make sure you know where the emergency shutoff valves are located for your gas, water, and electricity. For the water, look to the line between the water source and where water enters your home. With gas, the shutoff is usually located near the meter or gas source. Electricity can be shut off at the electrical panel. And don’t forget that every toilet, faucet, and gas appliance should have its own individual shutoff.

Working the valves is simple: just remember righty–tighty, lefty–loosey. Turn the valve to the right to shut it off and left to open it. And before a catastrophe, you must also ensure that each valve is in proper working order and turns smoothly.

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