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Home Backup Generator Installation in Calgary

Looking for an effective way to keep your appliances and devices running—without the hassle of a portable generator? 

ClearView Services is here to help you install a standby automatic generator for your Calgary home. We supply high-quality home backup generators and provide installations, servicing, and maintenance. 

Contact us today to request an in-home assessment and be on your way to enjoying uninterrupted power and greater peace of mind!

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We'll Help You Select The Right Generator for Your Calgary Home

Before purchasing your new generator, we will need to take into account your particular power demands as well as your fuel source. 

Generator Sizing

You will need a properly sized generator that is able to meet your household’s power demands. Since your heating and cooling equipment often use the most power, choosing a generator that can efficiently handle these units will help ensure your indoor comfort at all times. 

If you have a three-ton AC, for example, you may need a generator that’s at least 11kW. Larger homes with a five-ton AC may require a 20kW generator. 

Our experts will evaluate your power needs and help you select the right generator size during your in-home assessment. 

Fuel Source

Home standby generators are powered either by natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel. Natural gas and LP are typically used with generators that are less than 22kW. 

We will take a look at your existing gas lines or fuel tanks and make sure they are the right size or capacity. Our experts will go over your options if adjustments need to be made. 

Transfer Switches

Transfer switches are crucial to safe generator operation and are required by code. Lack of a transfer switch can lead to backfeeding or electrical imbalances. 

We will install a transfer switch with the appropriate amperage to meet your specific electrical needs. 

Benefits of Installating a Standby Generator

    In addition to uninterrupted power, homeowners with backup generators can also take advantage of the following:

    Increased property value—A properly installed, high-quality generator on your property may increase the value of your home and help you negotiate a higher price should you decide to put it on the market. 

    Safer operation—Avoid the hassle of extension cords and risk of carbon monoxide poisoning that come with portable generators. Since home backup generators are designed for the outdoors and don’t require additional extensions, the risk of experiencing a gas leak or electrical shock is significantly lower. 

    Comprehensive and convenient protection—You don’t need to be home to turn on your backup generator. With an automatic transfer switch, your generator will instantly kick on when the power goes out. Your AC, furnace, and other appliances and electronics will continue to run like nothing happened. 

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