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Whether you need to install outdoor lighting or you need help upgrading your electrical panel, you can count on our experts for quality electrical services.

ClearView Services offers a full range of lighting, circuit, and wiring solutions that include:

    No matter the size of your electrical project or what’s causing your electrical problem, our team is prepared to provide you with safe and accurate solutions to ensure your peace of mind.

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    Electrical Inspections

    If your home is an older construction, you may have outdated wiring or outlets that will require replacement as soon as possible. Some older properties will still have two-pronged receptacles or aluminum wiring that can pose safety risks. A full electrical inspection can help you identify damaged wiring and other potential problems.

    You may also need to have an electrical inspection carried out if you are planning on purchasing a new property, before moving forward with a major home renovation, or if your home has been affected by significant water damage.

    Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Installations

    Let our experts help you set up your new lighting fixtures without hassle. Enlisting the help of an electrical professional will take the guesswork out of the project. And if there are any pre-existing issues with your electrical system, our experts will be able to alert you to the problem and quickly have it resolved.

    From security lights to track lighting and elegant chandeliers, our team can help you install a variety of lighting fixtures to meet your preference and budget. Reach out today to schedule a consultation with our electricians and receive an upfront estimate for your lighting project.

    Electrical Panel Replacements

    You may need to replace your electrical panel if you have an older electrical system that is beginning to exhibit recurring problems. Common electrical issues to look out for include circuit breakers that feel hot or are constantly tripping, as well as dimming or flickering lights when more powerful appliances (such as your furnace or vacuum cleaner) are turned on.

    Our experts will take a look at your system to identify the cause of your problem and provide you with the necessary electrical panel upgrades or replacements to ensure your safety. We can also help you relocate or repair your electrical panel, as well as install sub-panels. No matter your needs, our Calgary electricians are prepared to help you find safe and cost-effective solutions.

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