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Electrical Safety Inspections in Calgary

Looking for a reliable electrician to perform a full inspection of your wiring and electrical system? 

Work with the experts who are committed to your safety and long-term peace of mind. ClearView Services has been serving residents throughout the Calgary Region since 1996 and are prepared to solve any electrical challenge! 

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When is an Electrical Inspection Recommended?

Outdated, faulty, or damaged wiring can lead to fires or other accidents. Avoid emergency situations by scheduling an electrical inspection in Calgary as soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary, such as circuit breakers frequently tripping or burning smells coming from your breaker box or outlets

Inspections are recommended in the following situations:

Before Purchasing a New Property

House hunting is exciting, but it’s also important to carry out due diligence before committing to  a new property. Older homes in particular may conceal underlying electrical problems that will need to be addressed as soon as possible. A professional inspection can help you avoid larger headaches down the road and allow you to fully enjoy the comfort of your new home!

Before Embarking on a Large Remodelling Project

You will need to make sure your electrical system is able to handle the demands of any new light fixtures or outlets you plan to install. This is why a full electrical inspection is recommended before any remodelling work begins. 

Water Damage

Was your property affected by a recent storm? Did you experience a plumbing emergency that flooded your home? 

Your electrical system may have suffered damage as well. If electrical issues persist, contact us for an immediate inspection. 

Recurring Electrical Issues

This may be due to improper electrical installations, worn out circuit breakers, or old wiring. We will need to perform a careful inspection of your electrical system to identify the source of the problem. 

Your Home is More Than 30 Years Old

No matter how well your home is maintained, systems can fail due to age. Some older homes still have aluminum wiring or outdated two-pronged receptacles that may need to be replaced for safety reasons. A complete inspection will alert you to existing issues and allow us to provide you with necessary repairs or upgrades. 

    • Exposed or damaged wiring
    • Surge protection is properly installed
    • Safety switches are functioning correctly
    • Grounding system is in place
    • Smoke and CO alarms are working properly
    • AFCI breakers and GFCI outlets are working properly

    After a thorough inspection, our electricians will go over any issues that were found. If replacements or upgrades need to be made, we will review the scope of work involved and discuss your options. 

    Our experts will help you make the best decision for your home. You will receive upfront pricing and custom solutions designed to meet your particular needs and budget. 

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