Calgary Heating:Easy tips to maintain and repair Heating System’s filter

Calgary Heating:Easy tips to maintain and repair Heating System’s filter

What could be better than being able to do a Heating System repair yourself and being called ‘The Superstar of the House”? Your family would love you for it. It is a simple process of cleaning the filter at home and repairing Gas furnace equipment:

First of all, identify the type of filter installed in your Gas Furnace equipment: Permanent air screen requires you to follow the recommendations as mentioned on the manufacturer’s manual. Disposable filters need to be cleaned up on a monthly basis during cooler months; however, one must check them regularly round the year. Pleated fabric filters, which are comparatively inexpensive, require periodic cleaning too.

Here is a step-by-step process that you can follow to clean the filter for your heating system repair:

Switch off the unit.

Identify where the panel (filter) is and as the case may be, you will either need to unscrew it or lift it off the hooks or slide it out if it is placed beside the motor of the furnace equipment.

You will need to purchase the filter measuring the exact dimensions, if it is of a disposable kind, prior to removing the old filter. You will simply need to slide the new filter back into its original slot following the directions of the arrows, as shown on the frame’s sides.

For the non-disposable kinds, clean the interior of the furnace near the blower using a vacuum cleaner. Or you could clean every blade of the fan individually, should you require a more thorough cleaning.

If your gas furnace equipment has oil ports placed near the shaft, you will need to remove the cover plate of the blower motor and put some motor oil into the ports. However this step can be avoided if you are using a contemporary motor.

It is worthwhile that the above points are carefully considered to ensure the longevity of your heating equipment and save on huge furnace repair costs. The heating system repair and cleaning of the filter is critical since the equipment’s efficiency falls drastically and the parts deteriorate faster.

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