Calgary Plumbing: Do Your Due Diligence Prior to Buying a Water Heater

Calgary Plumbing: Do Your Due Diligence Prior to Buying a Water Heater

In all our years of attending to people’s plumbing needs, we have observed that they spend far less time on buying an effective water heater than they spend on a coffee machine or a dishwasher. It something that is taken for granted. However, please keep in mind that considering the wide variety of options available in the market today, it is extremely important that you buy a water heater that perfectly meets your requirements.

So what all you must look out for?

Warranties – Best water heater companies are confident enough about their products to offer a comprehensive five year warranty on them. This tells about the quality of the water heater and ensures that you won’t be left hanging in case of an emergency. Go over the documents carefully and make sure that you get at least 5 years warranty on the tank and the parts. You should also be covered for replacements and/or repairs involved in any possible future issues.

Know the specifications – You must purchase the water heater based on the specifications of your home. In order to avoid any under-supply or over-supply problems later on, you must take note of the number of members in your family and determine the exact size of your house to buy a heater of appropriate size and configuration. Knowing the BTU’s, size (gallons) and Energy Factor (the measurement of the overall efficiency) are all important factors to making an informed decision.

Recovering Rate: How long it takes to reheat your water

Example: a 40,000 Btu gas water heater recovers, or heats, 41 gallons in one hour

Energy Star Rating Model: Would save an estimated $30 a year and even more for a larger family

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