Danger of Carbon Monoxide in the Home

Each winter brings its toll of serious accidents that are caused by deadly carbon monoxide leaks. Newspapers, television and blog articles carry multiple warnings to the public of the dangers of this gas, yet these accidents continue to occur.

Carbon monoxide has been a threat to human safety as long as man has used fire to keep himself warm and cook his food. The burning of any fuel that contains carbon may produce carbon monoxide. This is the case for solid fuels such as coal, wood, and liquid fuels such as oil, gasoline and kerosene. In the process of combustion the carbon in the fuel unites chemically with the oxygen of the air to form carbon dioxide; however, if the supply of air is not adequate, combustion is incomplete and carbon monoxide will be formed.

Fuel burning heat appliances may be a source of carbon monoxide unless they are routinely maintained, well-adjusted and operated properly. Every user of a heating system should give due consideration to the safe condition of the various heating devices in their own household. This is particularly applicable during the cold season where aeration is limited due to the sealing of the home off from the cold and when the heating appliances are mostly used to keep warm.

Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas and therefore gives no warning of its presence. A heating appliance that is producing carbon monoxide may or may not give off some other material that is odorous and irritating. Do not judge whether a heating devise is operating properly based on the sense of smell.

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