Calgary Plumbing: Conserving Water with Plumbing Fixtures

Calgary Plumbing: Conserving Water with Plumbing Fixtures

Markets today are flooded with many different kinds of plumbing fixtures. With increasing awareness on water conservation, fixture manufacturers have started designing these accessories with water conservation in mind. Even the consumers have started asking for plumbing accessories, which can help them save on their water bills.

Water saving toilets

One of main issues that people faced with the earlier models of water saving toilets was that, with a reduction in the amount of water used, the water pressure reduced too. This meant that toilets had to be flushed twice, which did not serve the purpose for which these toilets had been designed. With these issues rectified in the latest models, the toilets available in the market today use as less as 1.3 gallons of water for each flush, and still do a thorough job. Also available in the market these days is the dual flush toilet option. This model allows a person to use a .9 gallon flush knob or a 1.6 gallon flush knob depending on the requirement.

Efficient shower heads

Most of the earlier shower heads used around 2.5 gallons of water per minute during a shower. The newer shower head models boast of using just 1.7 gallons per minute. Over a short period of time, these models can result in significantly lowered water consumption. While previous efforts to reduce water consumption by making shower heads low-flow models resulted in the water pressure falling, same is not the case with the newer models in the market.

Water usage in bathrooms and kitchen

While installing new plumbing fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens can help, replacing broken or worn out fixtures is also a good step towards conserving water. A leaking tap, a broken pipe line or a damaged faucet, could all lead to water wastage, and fixing this could go a long way in saving water at home.

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