Common Plumbing Myths and Misconceptions

From believing that plunging your toilet will effectively clear any blockage to the misconception that home plumbing systems maintain themselves, there are plenty of myths about plumbing. Here’s the truth behind some of the most common plumbing myths:

Plunging the toilet gets rid of any type of blockage.

This is false, especially in homes with pets and small children, who are prone to flushing toys and other small items. Unfortunately, plunging can make the situation worse by pushing the object further into the pipe and causing it to get hung.

Lemons effectively clean garbage disposals.

It is a myth that a drain that smells clean is actually clean. To truly clean your garbage disposal, you must disconnect it from its source of power first. Then, use a warm soapy water mixture and a brush to clean it.

In-tank toilet cleaners effectively clean your toilet.

Contrary to what the advertisements may say, most in-tank toilet cleans simply bleach away the build of grime, instead of actually cleaning it away. For a toilet that is really clean, you are going to have to scrub it from time to time.

A home plumbing system simply maintains itself.

This simply isn’t true. It is important to routinely inspect everything from your faucets and sinks to toilets and pipes. If there are any signs of a potential problem or damage, give us a call. Prevention is often easier (and less expensive) than the cure.

You should always turn your faucet as tightly as possible to prevent leaking.

The truth is that the harder you turn your faucets, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or on the outside faucet, the more likely they are to become over tightened. When this happens, it can damage the taps and increase the likelihood of a future leakage.

To help food waste go down the garbage disposal, keep the water running.

It’s another misconception that as long as the water is running freely, pretty much anything can pass through the garbage disposal. Actually, foods such as banana peels, eggshells, and fruit rinds can damage the blades and result in a blockage. If you plan to get rid of food this way, be sure to break it up into very small pieces.

It doesn’t matter which plumber you call; they are all the same.

This is certainly not the case! Not every plumber believes in keeping up with the latest plumbing technology or trends, and not all are up front with their pricing. While it is important for plumbers to continue developing their knowledge base and stay on top of advancements, this doesn’t always happen. That’s why you need to call a plumbing team you can trust.

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