Common Air Conditioner Malfunctions

Most of us take the reliable functioning of our air conditioners for granted. However, the last thing you want during a hot day is for your air conditioner to not be working properly or break down altogether. Proper maintenance is the key of course and will help ensure dependable cooling while lowering your energy costs.

Below are some common air conditioner malfunctions you need to watch out for. If you experience any of these, call us immediately for prompt Air Conditioning service.

Unit Not Working At All

The first thing to do is to check if a fuse has blown or a circuit breaker has tripped. Replace the fuse or turn on the circuit breaker to make sure that’s not the problem. Air conditioners frequently overload power grids, so this could be the reason it’s not working. If that doesn’t solve it, give us a call.

AC Unit is Emitting an Odour

There are a number of things that may lead to your machine emitting a bad odour including mold, mildew or fungal growth. This may be as a result of a blocked drainage pipe. It could also be due to debris in and around the air conditioner itself. To ensure your health and the proper functioning of your system, it’s best to call us and have it checked out.

Unit is Making Loud Noises

This is usually caused by a dislodged fan belt. Once you start hearing the noise, you need to switch off the unit and not operate it until it is fixed. In order to ensure that it is fixed properly, you need to trust our professional HVAC technicians who will conduct a thorough check-up and solve the problem efficiently.

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