Calgary Plumbing: Clogged Drains, A Strong Offense is the Best Defense…

Calgary Plumbing: Clogged Drains, A Strong Offense is the Best Defense…

When it comes to your plumbing you have to realize that everything you put down your sink can affect plumbing components further on down the line. For example, even small amounts of oil, grease, and food might quickly zip down your kitchen sink as you are rinsing out a pan with steaming how water.

And these items might even make it far down your homes internal plumbing systems. However, as the water cools or the items are met by narrowing plumbing pipes filled with some other debris they too might get caught up in the plumbing lines of your home causing a CLOG; a clog in your kitchen sink’s drain or a clog in your bathroom sink’s drain or a clog in your shower/tub’s drain.

Wherever a clog forms it is never a fun sight to see your drain getting plugged up and having water pool where it should be going away. It is an unnecessary frustration and annoyance. However, if you are not maintaining your sinks and drains well then guess what…eventually that system is going to “get sick” and break down; whether it is by forming a “clog” here or there or perhaps an even bigger problem.

So in much of the same way that we think about our own health we can work to fight sickness (aka plumbing problems in this case) by taking preventative measures. What is that old saying in sports…“a strong offense is sometimes the best defense”…meaning that if you stand up and are assertive/proactive about something you often can avoid trouble. You make the first move and keep the pressure on and the likelihood is that you will be the victor as your opponent will be backs on their heels. Well the same can be said when it comes to clog prevention.

If you simply sit back and play defense waiting for something to go wrong with your sinks and drainage systems in regards to a clog…well odds are that over time you eventually will run into a clog. However, if you are in more of an offensive mindset you will realize that you can take some easy preventative measures that will allow you to avoid any clog problems by simply being proactive and putting some of the pressure on the plumbing system itself and keeping it on its toes. Rather than just being relaxed and waiting for a plumbing problem to form you are trying to prevent one from forming.

Now you might be saying, “Ok well that is fine and dandy to say… but what sorts of measures can I take to prevent a clog so that I don’t have to have a sink repair”?

Well that is a great question and here are some answers for you in regards to ways to prevent clogs from happening to you:

Preventing drain build up…


    • a. When you have extra boiling water from the kettle take it and pour it down the sink with some baking soda. The baking soda is slightly abrasive and will help to rub build up off the plumbing line walls and the boiling water will help to wash/move things along the plumbing lines that might normally want to stick to the side. The baking soda will also naturally fumigate odour. If you don’t have baking soda use sea salt.

    • b. Do not pour the boiling water into a porcelain sink in the winter time however as these extreme temperature differences can cause cracks.

    • c. Flush your drains in this fashion every month or two.

  • 2. No FOOD or GREASE

    • a. Grease is the number one clogging element, along with hair. Avoid putting any grease or food scraps into your sink’s drain.

    • b. Grease can easily stick to plumbing walls and when it cools it works like plague on ones arteries causing a narrowing of piping walls and can also trap other items/debris developing difficult clogs.

    • c. By keeping your food garbage aside for composting or your food garbage (green) bin (as the case in a lot of Canadian cities now) you can avoid the chance of food getting caught in your drain.

    • d. Also simply pour grease into old coffee cups or metal tins for storage under the sink. When you throw this away in the garbage it actually helps to keep animals away from your garbage.

  • 3. BEWARE of your HAIR

    • a. Hair, along with grease, is the top two causes of clogged drains. If you know you have a tendency to lose a number of hairs in the shower well than be proactive and either pick up your hairs after you shower OR you can even make a homemade hair trap by using duct tape and a plastic bag with some small holes to allow water to flow through and then taping this over your shower drain.


    • a. If you are getting ready to be preventative but have an annoying clog it is ok to use chemical plumbing products as a last resort for a one time flush to get your pipes as close to original working order before taking on the methods mentioned above. But this should not be used as your go to method.

    • b. But remember these products are specific to certain types of clogs as they “eat away” at whatever is plugging your drain…such as hair…so make sure you get the right product for whatever you believe is causing your flow problems.

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