Calgary Heating:Checking On Your Hot Water Heater

Calgary Heating:Checking On Your Hot Water Heater

As the Canadian economy witnessed a marked downturn in the past two years, people have been increasingly talking about many small-small pleasures that they had probably taken for granted. Without a doubt, one of the most relished pleasures in this part of the world is a hot shower on a cold winter evening. Something we can never do without!

All of us love our hot water but rarely do we stop to think about the condition of our water heaters. As it turns out that a large number of plumbers, including some of our own have mastered the art of ‘retro-fitting’ old heating units in order to prolong their lives. Please note, it is time for a quick check up of your water heater in case it has turned six recently.

So what do you think you can do to quickly check and boost up the health of your water heater? First and foremost, get hold of a capable plumber. Never try playing with the water heater on your own – especially if it’s the first time.

Any of our qualified plumbers can help you with a quick tutorial on how to get the maximum from and prolong the life of this crucial device. He will ensure that the water heater’s tank has a functioning and easily accessible anode rod, no or little sediment and a working pressure / temperature relief valve.

Ideally, it must be at a height of at least eighteen inches from the floor, to avoid any fumes. Fires are not something unheard of with regard to water heaters as electricity and water are not known to be the best of friends. A good plumber from our team can help you avoid any heater related disasters and train you well to avoid any possible mishaps.

Our plumbers also make sure that your water heater sits well on a drain pan, to avoid any floods. So let the good times continue! Get your water heater inspected now! Call us any time at ClearView Plumbing & Heating and we’ll be there in no time!


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