Fall Plumbing Tips

Now that the summer is drawing to a close, it’s important to start thinking about repairing your plumbing for the fall season. As temperatures drop, your pipes face the risk of freezing, cracking and leaking. The best way to prevent winter damage to your plumbing system is to have your pipes maintained and repaired before [...]

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Properties of an Effective Drainage System

If your plumbing system is doing its job properly, it should dispose of liquid waste promptly and hygienically. Every fixture, including a wall-mounted tap, should have drainage facilities to prevent the accumulation of wastewater and spillage. Waste should be removed quickly from each fixture by a system of drainpipes that will prevent any further human [...]

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Grease in Your Sink Leads to Plumbing Disasters

For some harried cooks (especially during the holiday season), the simplest way to get rid of fat from cooking is to pour it down the kitchen drain. Fats, oils and grease rinsed down the plumbing system can congeal and block pipes, causing sewer backups, not only in your home, but into the streets, ditches and [...]

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Water Conservation

Closely monitor your water usage for even one day and you will realize that using water wisely will reduce your water costs, not to mention extend the life of the existing water supply and waste treatment facilities. Water conservation simply means reducing the amount of water we waste. By using the following tips, a typical [...]

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How to Detect a Leak

Sometimes leaks in your home or office are obvious while at other times they occur out of sight. Before you know it, a simple leak could lead to worse problems such as mold and mildew growth or other damage. Always keep an eye out for any possible signs of a leak. The following are easy [...]

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Danger of Carbon Monoxide in the Home

Each winter brings its toll of serious accidents that are caused by deadly carbon monoxide leaks. Newspapers, television and blog articles carry multiple warnings to the public of the dangers of this gas, yet these accidents continue to occur. Carbon monoxide has been a threat to human safety as long as man has used fire [...]

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Calgary Heating: Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat Pumps are efficient additions to home heating systems that require little maintenance on your part. Maintenance should be carried out by a competent service contractor, who should inspect your unit at least once a year. When it comes to hot water heat pumps, filter and coil maintenance can have a dramatic impact on system [...]

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