Calgary Heating: How to Stay Safe from Carbon Monoxide

Calgary Heating: How to Stay Safe from Carbon Monoxide

Calgary Heating: How to Stay Safe from Carbon Monoxide

At least 1200 homes in the UK could be potential death traps for the residents living in them! These homes have concealed flue boiler systems, which are prone to carbon monoxide leaks and have already caused two known deaths so far. The Health and Safety Executive has issued warnings after this fact came to light. The homes which have been deemed ‘immediately dangerous’ will have to be assessed for safety by the relevant officials and remedial action will be taken if required.

There are some steps you can take to ensure that you stay safe within your home from such accidents. The HSE recommends annual gas checks on your appliances by a Gas Safe registered engineer who is qualified to spot leaks. For tenants, the landlord must undertake to carry out this periodic check. He or she is required to give you a copy of the gas safety check certificate.

Servicing your appliances and keeping them in good working condition is important to stay clear of the risk of dangerous emissions like CO in your home. Get your chimney cleaned completely at least once a year to ensure free flow of smoke and fumes to the outside.

Make sure you hire Gas Safe registered technicians for all repairs and new installations. These technicians can detect leakages in existing gas appliances and ensure leak proof installation of new devices.

The HSE also strongly recommends using CO alarms within your home. Make sure you get alarms that are approved by the appropriate regulatory authority and carry the mark of credibility and reliance. These devices should comply with British Standard EN 50291 and should be certified to be effective leak detectors.

Remember, CO is a silent killer and you may not even know you are breathing it in. Take the right precautionary measures now to stay safe at home.
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