Calgary Plumbing: Who Will Win Canada's Best Bathroom Contest?

Calgary Plumbing: Who Will Win Canada’s Best Bathroom Contest?

Have you walked into the washroom of a restaurant and found yourself admiring its design, cleanliness or style? You may have also walked around to examine its murals or looked at the bathroom’s luxury fittings in admiration. If you have, then there is a possibility that this restroom is one of the over hundred Canadian restrooms that has been nominated in a contest to pick Canada’s best bathroom.

You can now choose the best bathroom in the whole of Canada online, with ‘Canada’s Best Bathroom’ contest, the Canadian version of the popular American contest (‘America’s Best Bathroom’). Sponsored by Cintas, maker of cleaning products, the contest attracted in excess of hundred nominations. Now, it is down to five finalists. Public can vote online until August 31st to come to a decision on Canada’s best bathroom.

Of the five finalists, Toronto’s Mildred’s Temple Kitchen is certainly the most colorful of the lot. The restaurant’s marketing tactic this Valentine was to place condoms and Kama Sutra copies in its unisex washrooms, in a bid to encourage customers to have sex in them. Maeve Gallagher, the restaurant’s guest services manager, said that the marketing ploy was just a reflection of their unique brand of humor. Though the restaurant has gained notoriety after this quirky promotion, there is no disputing the aesthetics of its bathrooms. The restaurant’s beautiful murals, painted by artist Alice Jarry, have been acknowledged by the contest.

Toronto restaurant Spice Route, whose garden views have been recognized by the contest, finds itself in the top five. Another finalist, Metro Toronto Convention Centre hosted President Obama recently, one reason why it may have had an edge over the other nominees. But hosting powerful politicians apart, the centre’s hands-free technology has been lauded by the contest. Vancouver’s Cactus Club Café and Shangri-La Hotel are the two other finalists.

The contest’s media relations director David Brandt said that voters should look at two criteria. They should decide how immaculately clean the restrooms are and also judge which restroom is the most memorable, based on their personal experience and the levels of luxury, quirkiness, fun that makes the restroom stand apart.

Brandt added that the competition was not all fun and there was a serious message attached to it – that of cleanliness. He said that that there is direct relationship between washroom cleanliness and customer satisfaction. According to a study conducted by Cintas, 95% of respondents admitted that they wouldn’t go back to a restaurant or public center that had dirty restrooms. Mildred Temple Kitchen’s Gallagher also voiced her opinion on the issue, saying that a clean bathroom is indicative of the level of service provided by a restaurant. She added that the restaurant’s priority was to ensure that customers were comfortable in all areas of the restaurant.

The winner will be crowned in September. It is to be seen how the Canadian public will vote. The contest is sure to inspire establishments to take a second look at the cleanliness of their restrooms.
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